Featherstone War Horse



Featherstone War Horse
A majestic sculpture of a horse has been unveiled to commemorate 353 soldiers from the West Yorkshire town of Featherstone who fell fighting for Britain in the First World War. Head bowed, it watches over a field of trees planted for the Centenary, commemorating each of the dead.
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The new Shafton Club Photo Gallery

Good evening. I’d like to invite you all to share your photos to our new gallery. Have you an amazing photograph that has been took locally?

All you need to do to get a photograph listed is email photos@theshaftoncameraclub.co.uk with your photograph, title and description. Then it will be added.

If you would like to create a personal gallery of your work. Please let us know.

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Whitby Goth Weekend October 27 to 29/2017

Whitby Goth Weekend (WGW) has grown over the last 17 years and is now a biannual celebration of all manner of wierd and wonderful characters, music and art. The main events are held at the Whitby Spa Pavillion but during the weekend many of the local hotels and pubs put on additional live music acts. There is also the popular Bizarre Bazaar Goth Market selling all things Gothic from jewellrey and clothing to art and music.


As well as Goths, Whitby welcomes Punks, Steampunks, Emos, Bikers, and Metaller during the weekend   festivities and Goths and non-Goths alike can be seen parading around the town in weird and wonderful     costumes creating for a wonderful and friendly atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.


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